Migraine Surgery May Not Be An Effective Migraine Reliever | Newsinferno

YIKES! Here’s why you should never do your own plastic surgery (VIDEO) | Q13 FOX News

Laid-Off Workers Get Employment Tips And Free Botox Treatments

On its face, we should be skeptical. The approach does not mesh with the biology of migraine, both Halpern and Mathew said. Research has long revealed that migraines are gene-related; involving a brain dysfunction; and often triggered by sleep disruptions, foods, or estrogen issues. Dr. Mathew said that the underlying issue is deep in the brain. It doesnt make sense, Halpern said, that removing a portion of the patients facial muscle would eradicate such a complicated brain disorder in many people. Dr. Mathew said that the placebo effect is likely to blame and that some patients suffered from pain due to a compressed nerve, which surgery resolved. No one is saying this shouldnt be studied as a treatment, Halpern said; however, surgery should not be marketed as a cure given the out-of-pocket$10,000 $15,000cost, according to Drug.com.
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The website where she bought the injection, pmma.com , claims to sell dermal fillers for professionals directly to customers. A similar treatment at a doctors office costs nearly $800. The website sells it for just $100. The FDA says only licensed medical professionals can legally make these purchases. Dr. Glogau says he doesnt blame the patients, in a time when the web claims to offer fast and easy access to things customers might ordinarily not be able to afford. People assume that its just as easy as getting your hair colored, said Dr.
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Woman loses hands, feet after discount butt injections – WKRN News 2

Apryl Brown lost her hands and feet to a staph infection after discount silicone injections

A sense of relief came over her. I didnt think about losing my children. I didnt think about leaving my mother, she said. She thought instead of how death would feel. Although I will be dead, I will not be in pain anymore. That searing pain came from an unimaginable source: a silicone filler, like the one Brown assumed plastic surgeons use daily. Hers was injected into her buttocks,with the hope of improving her appearance.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://q13fox.com/2014/07/02/yikes-heres-why-you-should-never-do-your-own-plastic-surgery-video/


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